Our Story

Hello and thank you for visiting Trem Therapy Solutions. We hope that our company can provide you your final stop in getting the musculoskeletal care you want and need. We appreciate you visiting our page and commend you for exploring ways to improve your life. Reaching out for help is always challenging, but we believe in you, and believe that an improved life is right around the corner.

On a personal note, I completed my undergraduate studies at the University of Dayton and completed my Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Walsh University, where I also received the Research Excellence Award. Growing up I played many competitive sports and continue to do so in my current life. I believe that my passion for sports and interest in studying technique led me to choosing PT as a career path. It also led me to develop the observational skills in human movement patterns that I use every day.

Although sports and human movement are important to me, connecting with people and helping them achieve happier lives is what truly brought me to this field and motivates me to this day. The joy of seeing people regain their life and be happy doing what they love to do supersedes any other career success I can imagine. I believe that when a person is assumed by a health care professional, they deserve every bit of that professional’s attention and effort. At Trem Therapy Solutions, we promise you this. I want you to be heard, listened to, educated, asked questions of, and challenged. You are promised 24/7 support while we undergo your journey as a team. It is my goal that when you finish, you feel empowered to take on the challenges of life with independence and without pain



Physical therapy as a field is blossoming and I consider myself so fortunate to be a part of it. I believe that it has already far surpassed what many people understand it to be, and it is still relatively young. It provides real and holistic solutions without injections, medications or surgeries. To me, it is the true fix. I give great credit to those in research who have spent countless hours finding answers to the necessary questions so that we as clinicians may use this information to in our exam and treatment. If you think “you can’t fix this, I have ____” or “its just old age,” I ask you to please give it a chance and you may be surprised what you learn.   I urge you as a person to never give up on your health and continue to search for better solutions. Even if things have failed for you in the past, do not give up hope that new things may work for you in the future. 

For more on my background, I spent the first five years of my career working at the Center for Neuro and Spine (CNS) in Akron. It is the location at which the spine surgeons in Akron for Cleveland Clinic do their outpatient practice. I was extremely fortunate to occupy the position. The space was very small, meaning there was only room for me, and towards the end of my time there, one other part time therapist. I was able to keep my patients for 100% of their treatments. This gave me the rare opportunity to dive into my work at a focus level that most PTs are never lucky enough to do, which allowed me to develop and hone skills to a deeper extent.


In many outpatient clinics, PTs often share their patients with PT Assistants for the bulk of their treatments, so it was unique for me to spend this much quality time with patients as they progressed. 

The other benefit I had working there was that, being a spine surgery clinic, most of the patients were at a very chronic stage of pain. Some may say “the worst of the worst.” Although it was indeed challenging to treat this severity of pathology on a daily basis, it raised my standard of care and skill, as patients like this simply do not improve with ordinary PT. It took that “little bit extra.” Lastly, I worked very closely with the amazing orthopedic spine and neurosurgeons there, from whom I was able to learn a great deal. With their approval I developed the currently-used post-operative lumbar spine protocol for Cleveland Clinic Akron General hospital, and also launched a Prehab program to prepare patients properly for upcoming surgeries. Despite this, we worked always to keep patients out of surgery at all costs. I am very proud of the work that we did there, as I feel that we significantly changed the patient pathway to quality care within the hospital spine system.

Since opening private practice, I have found such joy in being able to take patient care to an entirely different level, putting all of my focus into skill development and attention to detail. I do not often see post-operative patients in this setting, so 100% of my efforts go towards keeping people out of surgery by getting rid of pain for good. We offer direct access to our patients- NO REFERRAL NEEDED!

When you use our Trem Therapy Solutions we guarantee that you will receive the highest level of attention and care that you have ever had. It is our pleasure to help you find the success you have always been looking for in conservative care.

Thank you again for visiting us, we wish you the best!





We profoundly believe in what we do at Trem Therapy Solutions. We promise to treat you as a whole person, listen thoroughly to all of your concerns, and address your pain with supreme focus and determination. Take a deep breath and enjoy the journey. You have found the care you have been looking for.