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Karlee Eldridge
Karlee Eldridge
I had such a great experience with andy! Im recently pregnant and was experiencing back pain. He helped me so much with different exercises and tips to subside my pain.
Joe and Patty Evans
Joe and Patty Evans
Dr Andrew met me when I needed help with my right knee and right hip. Before my first appointment I tore part of my left knee meniscus. So he had more than his work cut out to get me playing PICKLEBALL again. After a 14 week program I am BACK to playing 3-4/week and feeling great. No surgery needed, lots of analysis and specific strengthening exercises have me feeling better, minimal pain and WAY stronger than I was before my treatments. BEFORE you listen to all of your friends about having surgery give Dr Andrew Trem a shot. He may be able to help you avoid surgery or get ahead of recovery after a surgery.
Mitch Ross
Mitch Ross
If you are thinking about needing Trem Therapy Solutions, just make the call you won’t regret it!! I had been dealing with shoulder pain and numbness and tingling in the hands on and off for 2 years. After several rounds of PT with a chain therapy company and more than one steroid treatment with limited positive results, I was authorized for MRIs. After being diagnosed with full thickness tears in both shoulders I was told surgery was my next step. I met with Dr Trem for an alternative solution. In the 1st visit he determined that the tingling/numbness was a separate issue from the shoulder. He developed a plan to work on both issues. The follow up appointments were highly focused on my issues and specific exercises. Each session was a one-on-one appointment where Dr Trem evaluated progress and made changes in the plan as needed. He texted me several times between appointments to check on the impact from changes he had made. He was persistent in getting me to our agreed upon goals and making sure that I was pain free. My only regret is that I didn’t come to him earlier. I am pain free and feeling stronger than ever and most importantly did not have to endure surgery and the long recovery.
Jana Henson
Jana Henson
Andy walked into the vet clinic where I worked offering evaluations, the rest is history! I was looking for something different to give me strength in my leg as I am facing knee surgery for bone on bone. Andy came up with solutions to help me regain strength in leg and get my stamina back. Thanks Andy!
Evan Shaw
Evan Shaw
Andy was a pleasure to work with! He was patient with me as we worked through my lower back/sciatic nerve pain. I felt comfortable as we problem solved together in order to find the root of the issue. Andy’s approach was diagnostic and prescriptive. As my pain evolved, Andy worked diligently to give me practical advice and exercises that matched where I was in the recovery process. I recommend Andy to anyone who is looking for a personable and hardworking PT who will be persistent in getting you back to full strength!
Matthew Alderson
Matthew Alderson
I was recommended to Andy through multiple coworkers who were having similar neck pains that I was experiencing. I was very skeptical going into it as I’ve had neck surgery in the past and figured that my aches and pains were just something I was going to live with. After 12 weeks with Andy I have felt better than I have since having neck surgery 6 years ago. He was extremely knowledgeable to my problems and was an amazing motivator when I needed it. I would absolutely, without hesitation recommend him to anyone of any age with any kind of chronic pain.
Jessica Walters
Jessica Walters
I’ve seen several PTs over the years for my low back pain, and Andy is by far the best!! I first started working with him following back surgery. I hobbled into his office wondering if I’d ever be able to run again, and fearful of medical treatment based on some really bad experiences I’d had. Even with 3/4 of our appointments being virtual my progress was incredible! Andy was very patient with the many questions and fears I had. In only three months I went from not being able to walk properly, to being strong enough to train for running again! Please don’t underestimate how much can be accomplished virtually. When you’re in Andy’s care, you will have all the support you need to heal and succeed. Thanks again, Andy!!
Buddy Frontz
Buddy Frontz
I would highly recommend working with Andy. He is an expert at providing personalized care, and is committed to seeing you through to your end goal. Thanks to him I’m now pain free! It’s inspiring to receive care from someone who is so dedicated to their work. You will not regret working with him!
Brandon McComas
Brandon McComas
This is one of those “I Can’t believe I found this guy” moments. He is so so good at what he does. I had shoulder pain for over a year that 2 other PT’s couldn’t fix. Dr Trem fixed me in no time. If you have pain anywhere in your body and want it fixed, this is your guy.
Jill Martin
Jill Martin
Andy was great from the beginning. Very friendly and comfortable to work with. It did not take long for him to determine what my issues were and quickly came up with a plan. I went from worrying that I’d need surgery to feeling good again. I would highly recommend Dr Trem!

Doctor Expertise

Doctorate-level education coupled with over 20,000 hours of specialized orthopaedic experience.

Individualized Support

Exclusive care with your PT—1:1 visits only and round-the-clock phone/email support.

Direct Access

No need for a referral or order from another doctor. Visit us on your terms, whenever you need.

Results-Driven Process

Intricately detailed, highly specific treatment ensuring results and backed by our guarantee.

24/7 Availability

Flexible scheduling tailored to you—weekends, early mornings, and late nights. Your convenience matters most.

Our process





Get Rid of
Your Pain

Our process






Your Body

1. Evaluate

Our initial visit is used to gain an in-depth understanding of your unique body, your history and your pain. With this information we will identify the true cause(s) of your pain and plan a natural and lasting solution. Detailed examination is absolutely vital to having success in your treatment. A well identified problem is a problem half solved. 

2. Get Rid of Your Pain

After diagnosing the aggravated tissue, we target specific exercise and education to alleviate it, thereby removing the bad stimulus and mitigating pain.

3. Prime Your Body

This entails strengthening exercises designed to prepare your body for your favorite activities and bulletproof you for the long haul.

4. Live Fully!

Reclaim your life, free from pain, and pursue all the things you love to do!











My Story

-Dr. Andrew Trem PT, DPT

President, Trem Therapy Solutions

Hello and welcome to Trem Therapy Solutions. We appreciate you visiting our page and commend you for exploring ways to improve your life. Reaching out for help is always challenging, but we believe in you, and believe that an improved life is right around the corner.

On a personal note, I completed my undergraduate studies at the University of Dayton and completed my Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Walsh University, where I also received the Research Excellence Award. Growing up I played many competitive sports and continue to do so in my current life. I believe that my passion for sports and interest in studying technique led me to choosing PT as a career path. It also led me to develop the observational skills in human movement patterns that I use every day.

Although sports and human movement are important to me, connecting with people and helping them achieve happier lives is what truly brought me to this field and motivates me to this day. The joy of seeing people regain their life and be happy doing what they love to do supersedes any other career success I can imagine. I believe that when a person is assumed by a health care professional, they deserve every bit of that professional’s attention and effort. At Trem Therapy Solutions, we promise you this. I want you to be heard, listened to, educated, asked questions of, and challenged. You are promised 24/7 support while we undergo your journey as a team. It is my goal that when you finish, you feel empowered to take on the challenges of life with independence and without pain

Physical therapy as a field is blossoming and I consider myself so fortunate to be a part of it. I believe that it has already far surpassed what many people understand it to be, and it is still relatively young. It provides real and holistic solutions without injections, medications or surgeries. I give great credit to those in research who have spent countless hours finding answers to the necessary questions so that we as clinicians may use this information in our exam and treatment. If you think “you can’t fix this, I have ____” or “its just old age,” I ask you to please give it a chance and you may be surprised what you learn.   I urge you as a person to never give up on your health and continue to search for better solutions. Even if things have failed for you in the past, do not give up hope that new things may work for you in the future. 

Thank you again for visiting us, we wish you the best!




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